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Altoids Peppermint Mints

Mars Wrigley



Mars Wrigley
Experience the Classic Freshness of Altoids Peppermint Mints in a 1.76oz Tin. Altoids Peppermint Mints are your passport to a burst of cool, invigorating flavor. These iconic mints offer a refreshing peppermint taste that awakens your senses and leaves your breath feeling revitalized. Encased in a convenient tin, Altoids Peppermint Mints are perfect for on-the-go freshness. Whether you're in need of a post-meal palate cleanser or just craving a minty pick-me-up, these mints provide a satisfying solution. Elevate your breath and enjoy the timeless, refreshing sensation of Altoids Peppermint Mints.

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