Hemp Living Blackberry Nana - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g) Concentrates Hash Rosin

Blackberry Nana - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g)

Hemp Living

THC 1000mg
THC-A 78.1%

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Hemp Living
Introducing Hemp Living Blackberry Nana THCA Pure Live Hash Rosin: This 1g jar holds pure, solventless THCA live hash rosin derived from premium, high-potency THCA hemp flower. No added terps, just unadulterated goodness. Indulge in Blackberry Nana (Indica): A beloved Indica-dominant strain born from Blackberry and Banana Kush parentage. Its exquisite flavor combines ripe blackberries, gasoline, and subtle banana bread notes. With a distinctive aroma of smooth bananas, each hit delivers a complex, fruity experience. Offering a relaxing body effect without anxiety or cerebral stimulation, it's your perfect choice for unwinding and finding tranquility.