Hemp Living Lemon Berry - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g) Concentrates Hash Rosin

Lemon Berry - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g)

Hemp Living

THC 1000mg
THC-A 78.1%

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Hemp Living
Discover Hemp Living Lemon Berry THCA Pure Live Hash Rosin: This 1g jar holds the essence of pure, solventless THCA live hash rosin, meticulously derived from premium, high-potency THCA hemp flower. No added terps, just the unadulterated goodness of nature. Meet Lemon Berry (Hybrid): Crafted from the fusion of Dabney Blue and Lemon Thai, this hybrid, also known as "Lemonberry Kush," tantalizes your senses. Dabney Blue infuses fruity notes reminiscent of blueberry muffins, a trait common in strains influenced by DJ Short’s Blueberry line. Lemon Thai, on the other hand, adds a zesty citrus flavor and uplifting effects. Embraced in the Pacific Northwest for its unique blend of flavors and balanced effects, Lemon Berry induces a happy, cerebral high, sparking creativity and laughter. Rest assured, all Hemp Living THCA Rosin is extracted using methods free from chemicals and solvents. Pure, exceptional, and crafted with precision.