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Ooze – Rip Tide Mini Recycler Dab Rig Kit – Midnight Wave




Introducing the Mini Rigs, renowned for generating potent, terpene-rich dab clouds. The design principle behind these rigs is to minimize the air space within, ensuring that terpenes retain their flavor for longer durations. Each Mini Rig unit includes a banger, dab tool, and Geode stash jar for a comprehensive experience. The Rip Tide model, in particular, has been meticulously engineered to facilitate a short path for vapor from the banger through the recycler system and out the mouthpiece. This setup is aimed at preserving the maximum flavor potential. Properly filling the Rip Tide to the appropriate water level results in an impressive riptide-like effect with each inhale. The recycler's intricate mechanism ensures a gentle and continuous water movement, contributing to smoother hits. The ergonomically designed small glass loop on the back of the rig provides a comfortable grip, adding to the overall experience. In the world of this mini rig, waves of motion come to life! The Ooze Rip Tide Mini Rig, known as the RIP TIDE, is a handcrafted borosilicate glass masterpiece. Its primary purpose is to elevate terpene flavors, making it ideal for hot-start dabs. The Rip Tide employs a recycler-style configuration, a sophisticated internal system that consistently circulates water throughout the piece during inhalation. This dynamic setup offers robust filtration and reduces the harshness of each hit. Highlighted by its handmade borosilicate composition, the piece's colors might exhibit slight variations from the provided photos, lending each rig a unique character. In addition to the main rig, the package includes a banger, dab tool, and Geode stash jar, ensuring a complete and enjoyable encounter.