Hemp Living Sherbet Cream - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g) Concentrates Hash Rosin

Sherbet Cream - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g)

Hemp Living

THC 1000mg
THC-A 78.1%

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Hemp Living
Introducing Hemp Living Sherbet Cream THCA Pure Live Hash Rosin: Dive into a 1g jar filled with the essence of pure, solventless THCA live hash rosin, meticulously extracted from premium, high-potency THCA hemp flower. No added terpenes, just the unadulterated goodness of nature. Meet Sherbet Cream (Indica): This strain leans into the calming embrace of Indica, born from the fusion of Sherbet, Ice Cream Cake, and Gelato #33. Its flavor is a delightful mix of sweetness and creaminess, leaving a smooth cookie aftertaste with hints of nuttiness and sugar. The aroma is equally charming, blending nutty cookies with creamy fruits and sweet mint. Sherbet Cream delivers a calming effect, perfect for soothing both physical and mental discomfort. Its journey begins with an energetic euphoric buzz, inducing happiness and motivation without the burden of anxiety. Rest assured, all Hemp Living THCA Rosin is meticulously extracted using methods void of chemicals and solvents. Pure, exceptional, and crafted for an unparalleled experience.