Hemp Living Strawberry Octane - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g) Concentrates Hash Rosin

Strawberry Octane - THCa Live Hash Rosin (1g)

Hemp Living

THC 1000mg
THC-A 78.1%

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Hemp Living
Introducing Hemp Living Strawberry Octane THCA Pure Live Hash Rosin: Inside this 1g jar lies the essence of pure, solventless THCA live hash rosin, meticulously crafted from premium, high-potency THCA hemp flower. No added terpenes, just the unadulterated purity of nature. Meet Strawberry Octane (Indica): A delightful blend of Strawberry Short Cake and Triangle Octane, this strain offers the enticing aroma and potency typical of the best Indica strains. Despite its cerebral stimulation akin to Sativa, it carries a potent sedative effect. The experience starts with a light, joyous euphoria that gradually intensifies, enveloping you in a hazy, euphoric fog that detaches you from reality, akin to a magic carpet ride. Rest assured, all Hemp Living THCA Rosin is meticulously extracted using methods free from chemicals and solvents. Pure, exceptional, and crafted for an unparalleled experience.